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Measured Building and Land Survey


Measured Building Surveys

We provide elevations, floor plans and sections for:

  • Domestic properties
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Conservation projects
  • Listed Buildings / Heritage
  • Barns and Warehouses
  • Public buildings such as hospitals or supermarkets


The elevations show the existing building facades which are often required for planning to show window positions and heights and existing structure heights. The elevation can be outlined only showing the window openings and extent of the facade, or full elevations which will include each window configuration (the layout of window panes within the frame) and the position of all guttering and pipe work on the facade.

Floor Plans

The floor plans map out the internal layout of the building and use the fundamental survey principle of ‘working from the whole to the part' by using the building footprint surveyed on the topographical survey as the outline to the drawing. The floor plans show wall positions and their thicknesses, any changes in level throughout each floor, window and door details and their associated heights, any ceiling detail (such as beams or sloping ceilings) and their associated heights above the floor level. Additional features such as kitchen appliances, internal services and fixed units can also be shown.


The building sections incorporate the elevations and floor plans. They can show a cross section through the building at any one point to show the internal and external heights at that position. The sections are often used to view the profile of the existing building showing the external roof detail.


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